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The body shape of passers-by is crushed! The female fan is twice the size of James, and one is 56cm taller than O'Neal

Posting time:2022-12-01 15:15:11

The body shape of passers-by is crushed! The female fan is twice the size of James, and one is 56cm taller than O'Neal

In many people's minds, NBA stars tend to be muscular men. Usually they don't feel exaggerated when they are seen on TV, but if they are put on the street in real life, they are all first-class. A tough guy. However, did you know that the size of NBA players can also be crushed by passers-by? These NBA stars have encountered such an embarrassing situation! Not even James and O'Neal!

Recently, when James and Green of the Warriors were shopping together, they happened to meet a female fan of James on the street, so Green took the initiative to The avatar photographer took a group photo of James and the female fan. But when Lao Zhan hugged his female fan, we can find that the width of this female fan is already twice that of Lao Zhan! Unexpectedly, as one of the strongest men in the league, Lao Zhan will be crushed one day!

I don’t know if you see this picture, who would you think is the first NBA star? If you show this picture to a friend who doesn't watch the NBA, then 80% of the fans will choose the burly guy on the left, who is covered in tattoos and looks more like an athlete, while the one on the right is white Jing Jing was holding a piece of paper and looked more like a broker. But in fact, the one on the right is Jokic, the NBA's two-time regular-season MVP winner, and the one on the left is his brother. This contrast also surprises friends who don't watch the ball.

Everyone says that the physical talent of the yellow race is not as good as that of the black or white players, but in fact, as long as you train hard, you will be crushed by body type alone. NBA players are not dreams! Before, a young Chinese brother happened to meet the 2016 No. 1 draft pick Simmons, and took a group photo. It is not difficult to find that this little brother's unicorn arm is almost crushed by the latter. In terms of arm circumference, This little guy is noticeably stronger.

Speaking of the strongest player in the New Century League, then the first thing that comes to your mind is O'Neal. As the most dominant center in the new century, O'Neal ravaged the league penalty area with his height of 2.16 meters and a weight of 300 pounds. However, O'Neal's size has also been crushed! Beside him, the name is Kevin Lane, a Hollywood actor with a height of 2.27 meters and a weight of 400 pounds! Therefore, even if he is as strong as O'Neal by his side, he seems very petite.

And O'Neal was crushed more than once! This time his body was crushed even more thoroughly. O'Neal visited the wax museum before, where he took a group photo with Wadlow, the tallest "passer-by" in the world. We can find that O'Neal's height can't even reach Wadlow's shoulders! After all, this giant is a terrifying 2.72 meters tall! 56 cm more than O'Neal, this height difference makes O'Neal a complete bird in front of him! (ikuet)

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