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NBA star's peculiar shooting posture: Westbrook's zombie jumper, Marion's three-eighth shot is quite accurate

Posting time:2022-12-01 14:02:09

NBA star's peculiar shooting posture: Westbrook's zombie jumper, Marion's three-eighth shot is quite accurate

Shooting can be said to be the basic skill of basketball, and depending on whether a person shoots the ball accurately, the veteran will tell you that you can judge by looking at his shooting posture! Generally speaking, the more beautiful the shooting posture and the smoother the completion, the more likely the shooting will not be ironed. And these NBA stars, their jump shooting posture is simply indescribable, and even fans and friends even gave their posture a special name. Today, let's take a look at the wonderful shooting posture of NBA stars!

Westbrick's shooting has always been criticized by fans and friends, so talented foreign netizens even gave him a nickname of Westbrick, Which means he shoots too often. And Westbrook's shooting posture is also very strange. Every time he makes a jump shot, he has to straighten his entire body, lift the ball high above his head, and shoot when it falls a little. It doesn't look very smooth, just in terms of aesthetics , the difference is a bit more. Therefore, fans also named Westbrook's shooting posture zombie jumper, which is also very vivid.

In addition, as one of the Thunder's two juniors, Durant's shooting was accurate, but his movements were also inconsistent. Not so canonical. This year's NBA has a word that is popular, called stand-up singles, and the name is because of Durant. Because Durant is too thin and tall, the whole looks like a stick shooting, so it is also named the standing stick jumper. Looking at it this way, it really describes it very well.

And when it comes to jumpers, I have to mention Nowitzki. As the king of German chariots, his shooting posture can be said to be very classic, that is, every time he stretches out one foot in front, just like a big cock with one foot independent, so Nowitzki's shooting is also Fans dubbed it the Golden Rooster Independence. The shooting action of King Nuo Tianwang not only did not make the shooting center of gravity unstable, on the contrary, his shooting was his nirvana. It seems that even if the posture is strange, there are many people who shoot accurately.

Speaking of weird shooting posture, how can we not mention Marion? As one of the Three Musketeers in the Sun era, nicknamed "The Hacker", his shooting posture is also quite weird. His shooting is a bit like the three-eighth style of women's shooting, the shooting point is very low, and the shooting posture is extremely unsightly. But although the posture is ugly, how can Marion get in! Marion's shooting can be described as very accurate, and his three-pointers are often invisible weapons.

Finally, when it comes to jumpers, what I have to say is Kobe. picturesque. Just like the name, Kobe's shooting posture is very beautiful, whether it is the angle of the back and the smoothness of the action. This is also the reason why Kobe's style of play is so popular. His shooting posture is as beautiful as a movie. This shooting posture, don't care whether you can get in or not, just looking at the posture can make you call a good shot! (ikuet)

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