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nonstop! The end of the training camp, the Rockets Jaylen Green arrived in the Philippines, the green coat is too eye-catching

Posting time:2022-12-01 14:49:18

nonstop! The end of the training camp, the Rockets Jaylen Green arrived in the Philippines, the green coat is too eye-catching

The 2-day Jaylen Green training camp is over, like the Rockets Former teammate Christian Wood, current teammate Christopher, Raptors star Barnes and other players all came to Green's hometown to cheer for his training camp. For two days, Jaylen Green and many NBA players instructed the small players how to play, and Green also personally went into battle to compete with the small players one-on-one.

Afterwards, Jaylen Green also played against friends such as Christopher and Barnes on the training ground. After the training camp, we originally thought that Jaylen Green would use this period of time to take a good rest, but unexpectedly, just after the training camp ended, we saw Jaylen Green rushed to the Southeast Asian country, the Philippines, without a moment's rest. We know that although Jaylen Green is an American player, his mother is a Filipino.

Jaylen Green loves his mother very much. When Jaylen Green's mother celebrated her birthday a few months ago, Green bought a luxury car as a gift to her. The scene was very warm. After the training camp, Jaylen Green also updated his social media. On his personal social media, Jaylen Green posted a photo. This photo shows the location of the Southeast Asian country Philippines.

Jaylen Green has already said that he wants to represent the Philippine men's basketball team, and he has the same idea as the NBA player from the Philippines-Jazz's super sixth man Jordan Clarkson.

Next, we saw Jaylen Green arriving in the Philippines. What's different from his usual outfit is that this time Jaylen Green wore a very different green skull style top. Some netizens joked that Jaylen Green's name "GREEN" means green, this time Jaylen Green was wearing a green jacket, which was so fitting.

However, we don't know the purpose of Jaylen Green's trip to the Philippines this time, but I think of Jaylen Green's saying that he wants to If you play for the Philippine national team, is this Green's "trip to the Philippines" aimed at contacting the Philippine Basketball Association to discuss playing for the national team? Once Jaylen Green and Clarkson really become members of the Philippine men's basketball team, there will be another strong opponent for the Chinese men's basketball team.

In any case, Jaylen Green is now the first core of the Rockets. His plans and actions in the offseason are basically to make himself stronger. Because the Rockets sent Wood to the Mavericks in order to give Jaylen Green more ball rights in the new season and to make Green the first tactical core of the Rockets, Green can only use better performance in the new season To repay the Rockets and prove that they are worthy of the title of the cornerstone of the Rockets' team building.

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