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In addition to defense + shooting, Silas asked for the third flower! Give tactical freedom and unlock more skills

Posting time:2022-12-01 13:51:23

In addition to defense + shooting, Silas asked for the third flower! Give tactical freedom and unlock more skills

Compared with last season, this year's draft is exactly what the so-called "rookie small" Years." Although Banqueiro, Chet and Smith, and even Keegan Murray, some rookies can become future superstars, but the overall success rate of this rookie seems to be inferior to last season. Look at the rookies last season, Cunningham, Mobley, Barnes, Jaylen Green, Gidey, Wagner Jr. are the top of these rookies.

In addition to these top rookies, rookies such as Kuminga, Hyland, Moody, Herbert Jones, Shen Jing also have the potential to become stars. The best 3 rookies this year are naturally Banqueiro of the Magic, Chet of the Thunder and Jabari Smith of the Rockets. People like to "side-by-side" these three big rookies. What's the result? These three players have their own strengths.

Banquetero is known as an "offensive kaleidoscope", but his defensive ability is theoretically inferior to that of Smith and Chet; although the Thunder's Chet Holmgren has excellent skills and interior defense, he He's too thin in size, a disadvantage that could affect his NBA career ceiling. The Rockets' Smith is good at shooting and defending, but his biggest problem is that he doesn't have much ball-handling ability.

Rockets coach Silas said when talking about Smith that Smith's shooting was a "huge help" for the Rockets. But he hopes that Smith can continue to explore his game, the Rockets and Silas himself, do not want to put too many constraints on Smith, the Rockets will integrate Smith into the lineup and play with the Rockets' offensive initiators, allowing Smith to gain Benefit is huge.

This is what the Rockets coach Silas asked of Smith-only defense and shooting are far from enough, you know, the Rockets want to make Smith a versatile insider, in addition to defense and shooting Besides, Smith also needs to explore and develop more offensive and defensive skills in the game.

In order to allow the 19-year-old No. 3 overall pick Jabari Smith to "unlock" more skills, the Rockets and their coach Silas are also very tolerant of Smith. Didn't Silas say that, no? In the new season to "bound" Smith. That is to say, the Rockets will give Smith more tactical status and tactical freedom, allowing him to constantly improve himself through the game, and eventually become a generalist in the eyes of Silas - this is what the Rockets are looking forward to.

In the new season coming in 2 months, Jabari Smith will not be the tactical core of the Rockets at the beginning, but he will start with 4 other players, in Porter Jr. and Green The two tactical cores play an important role. It may take 1-2 seasons for Smith to integrate into the Rockets. After gaining a foothold in the NBA, I believe Smith will develop more basketball skills and eventually evolve into the Houston Rockets' super core inside.

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