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Jaylen Green training camp ended perfectly! The 3 rookie brothers reunite again to welcome 3 big gains in 2 days

Posting time:2022-12-01 15:43:39

Jaylen Green training camp ended perfectly! The 3 rookie brothers reunite again to welcome 3 big gains in 2 days

Despite only 2 days in length, Rockets player Jaylen Green hosts The training camp looks very successful. Now Jaylen Green's training camp has finally ushered in a "perfect ending". Although Jaylen Green and other stars seem to be reluctant to part, this training camp is very important for the young players, staff, and many participating NBA players. It's all very meaningful.

We also saw a lot of photos from the training camp. From these photos, we not only saw Jaylen Green laughing with the young fans, but also saw the young The players' passion for basketball. The appearance of a number of NBA players also brought the atmosphere of the scene to a climax. Although the former Rockets player Christian Wood only appeared in the opening ceremony and did not participate in the subsequent interaction and player confrontation, but being able to invite so many NBA players to come also proves that Jaylen Green is good in the NBA Popularity.

It is worth noting that in the 2-day Jaylen Green training camp, Jaylen Green's friend Christopher in the Rockets has been by his good brother Green's side. You know, both Jaylen Green and Christopher were rookies last summer. The difference is that Jaylen Green was the No. 2 pick, while Christopher was only a 24th pick in the first round, but young people always have a lot of common language. On the Rockets, Christopher has always had a good relationship with Jaylen Green.

On the NBA All-Star weekend six months ago, the "assistant" beside Jaylen Green, who represented the Rockets in the slam dunk contest, was Christopher. It's a pity that in that dunk contest, Jaylen Green of the Rockets did not complete it very well.

In addition to Christopher, rookie forward Barnes, who is in the same class as Green and TOEFL, has also been with Green and TOEFL for 2 days. What needs to be known is that the three "rookie brothers" Green, TOEFL and Barnes have always had a good relationship. Barnes has known Jaylen Green since he was a child, and the two of them have always been good friends. I remember that after the Rockets' game against the Raptors last season, Barnes also specifically found Jaylen Green and Christopher. , and took a precious group photo together - this is also the first time the three of them have played against each other in the NBA.

Jaylen Green training camp ended, but it was an unforgettable memory for Jaylen Green and the participating young players and NBA players. So what does this training camp mean for Jaylen Green? First of all, no matter what kind of player Jaylen Green can become in the NBA, whether he can become a superstar or not, it doesn’t matter. Through the training camp, Jaylen Green has accumulated a lot of popularity among NBA fans, which is very important for a professional player. very important.

Secondly, Jaylen Green can invite a number of NBA players led by Barnes, and can play with them on the training ground, which will also be of great help to improve his personal ability in the new season. Third, the friendship between Jaylen Green and Christopher, a teammate of the Rockets, has deepened. In the Rockets' game in the new season, Jaylen Green needs the support of his teammates too much. Porter Jr. holds the ball and doesn't like passing passes. The ball is given to teammates, but with the support of Christopher, I believe that Jaylen Green will get more balls and chances next season than last season. After all, with the support of Christopher, a strong teammate, I believe that Jaylen Green will become more successful.

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