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The new season is approaching, what is the prospect of Manchester United's season?

Posting time:2022-12-01 14:35:27

The new season is approaching, what is the prospect of Manchester United's season?

The new season is approaching, what is the outlook for Manchester United?

Introduction: There are three days left until the first game of the Premier League of the new season, and the new Red Devils under Ten Hag will also be in the old special. Rufford welcomes the fans' review.

But what exactly are Manchester United's prospects for the new season?

1. Where will Ronaldo go: leave or stay?

In this offseason, the news of Ronaldo's departure has run through most of the summer window. A few days ago, Ronaldo returned to training and participated in the warm-up match with Vallecano, temporarily easing the firepower of the media.

but this It does not mean that Ronaldo's whereabouts this season has been set. I believe that Cristiano Ronaldo's final departure or stay may have to be pulled to the last moment of the summer window.

For now, the possibility of Ronaldo leaving the team is far greater than staying in the team .

So, who will inherit the banner of the striker? Is it the rumored Shesko or the young teenager in the team?

I hope Martial and Rashford can stand up in the new season , get back to who you were.

Second, who will be De Jong's plan B?

For now, Manchester United The rumours between De Jong and De Jong have cooled, and this is not good news for Ten Hag, who is aiming to reform Manchester United's midfield. After all, De Jong's transformational role in midfield is unmatched by current Manchester United players.

And if De Jong can't come, is there a plan B for this location? Is it to continue to recruit or to tap the potential internally?

At present, if there is no accident, the midfield combination in the first game of the Premier League should be It's still Mike + Fred + B fee, and Eriksen is more likely to appear as a substitute.

If you want to change it later, you have to look at Mertave's actions. But if the mix from last season is still used, can the midfielder still have the effect Ten Hag wants?

No one can say whether this is a mule or a horse, or it has to be pulled out for a run. But in terms of the effect of the warm-up match, it is still unsatisfactory, and I look forward to the next changes.

3. Is the current lineup sufficient for the new season? Will there be trade-offs for some events?

The Premier League will adopt a five-a-side substitution rule in the new season. In addition, we also face With the UEFA Cup and other multi-line competitions and the impact of the World Cup on the team.

As of now, the personnel are slightly thin, and the key midfield and striker configurations are The team's personnel reserves are insufficient, and there is still a relatively large gap between the ability of the main force and the substitute.

So, whether the appearance of a substitute player can continue Ten Hag's game idea is also a question. issues to consider.

If it is still the current lineup in such a multi-line battle, there will be nothing in the future. How will the team make a choice?

Fourth, what can the new aid bring to this Manchester United team? What will be the effect?

Malaysia should still be Luke Shaw's first rotation in the new season, especially in Telles may be about to leave the team. Therefore, Malaysia should mainly be on the bench at the beginning, and it will take time to expect him to play an immediate effect.

While Erickson and Martinez are undoubtedly more anticipated, Because they can give this Manchester United what we want to see.

Eros out of the ball, Martinez's own complementarity is ours A piece of the puzzle that enhances the thickness of our current location.

Eros The presence of 's will bring stability to our offense or organization, and Martinez can be a good partner for the Colts and Varane.

For the first game of the new season, I think the three new players will be substitutes debut, and Ten Hag is more likely to adopt the old faces he has seen in the new season. After all, it takes time to break in.

As time goes on, their chances will only increase and decrease.

5. What kind of surprises can Teng-style Manchester United bring us?

I think many fans pass this After a few warm-up games, we can roughly see that Ten Hag's transformation has achieved initial results, not to mention perfect, but at least we can see that the team's progress in some aspects is gratifying, and we have confidence in Ten Hag. .

Of course, everyone should lower their expectations this season, after all, this is him Take over the first season of the rebuild. Be more forgiving and encouraging.

The battle for the top four is a certain distance for us, but if we can To win a trophy, even the League Cup, I can be very happy.

 of course a return to the Champions League is our goal, everyone knows that, but This year is very difficult.

Stop talking, I don't want to limit Ten Hag. But whether we win or lose, as long as we give our best and play what we want, that's our own victory.

Concluding remarks: Premier League games are never easy, but I believe we are in Ten Hag Lead us on the right path.

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