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Can't take away the old problems in the new season. If you want to win, Manchester United have to buy the right person for Teng Shuai?

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Can't take away the old problems in the new season. If you want to win, Manchester United have to buy the right person for Teng Shuai?

The new season can’t take away the old problems. If you want to win, Manchester United have to buy the right person for Teng Shuai?

Manchester United started the new season under the leadership of a new manager, but the joy of the opening day was quickly diluted by the harsh reality.

The skies at Old Trafford were blue and hopeful as the players came out before the game. In the 39th minute of the game, Gross had another victory, Manchester United trailed 0-2, and the stands were booed. The boos got louder at halftime and at the end of the game. Like a pigeon, the fans are very painful to see.

The head coach has been replaced by Ten Hag, but judging from the team's starting lineup, some old problems from last season remain. Manchester United's signing operation is too frustrating, and the negotiation lacks the means to be effective. They sign people rarely take the initiative, more of a last resort.

This summer, last season's Premier League champions Manchester City introduced Haaland, and runner-up Liverpool signed Nunes. And the "old six" Manchester United is preparing to recruit 33-year-old Arnautovic, is this really not a joke?

< span style="background-color: #F9F9F9; --tt-darkmode-bgcolor: #181818;">Ten Hag agreed to sign Arnau. The two worked together in Twente in their early years. Manchester United felt that they would buy him to strengthen their striker. Very good deal, an offer of 8 million euros has been made. Last season, Anau scored 14 goals for Bologna in Serie A and has yet to lose his shooting boots. Some believe that confidence in him is just what Manchester United need right now.

However, Arnau stayed in the Chinese Super League for 2 years after leaving West Ham in 2019, and Manchester United’s huge scouting team never went to this film. Football desert. Previously, they looked for Ighalo from the Super League, but this can only be regarded as an emergency exception. Now, Manchester United intend to do it again.

In addition, some players and coaches who have worked with Arnau revealed that his confidence will affect the unity of the team.

TA learned that Manchester United are also talking to Juventus about Rabiot. Ten Hag wants to add manpower to the midfield, and the 27-year-old France international (with only one year left on his contract) is Manchester United's main target at the moment.

Support the coach's choice, that's fine. But what I want to ask now is: Has Ten Hag lost confidence in the club's signing system, which is why he wants these relatively easy-to-buy people? After all, Solskjaer did that.

Ten Hag asked for Martinez, Malaysia and Eriksen, and De Jong . So, has the signing department given other plans? Does Ten Hag trust their vision and ability to work?

< span style="background-color: #F9F9F9; --tt-darkmode-bgcolor: #181818;">These questions need to be answered by Mortaff, who led the reforms under the Santoku era and appointed Steve- Brown is the head of the signing department. CEO Richard Arnold might have to think about it too.

After the game, Keith Voss, one of Ten Hag's agents, had a conversation with former Manchester United CEO Gill. Last week, Gill was invited to lunch with Arnold and Mortafa in Carrington, along with Ferguson and Brian Robson.

Mortaff sat in front of Avram Glazer for the season opener, who came to the Theater of Dreams for the third time in three years watch the ball. Two days ago, The1958group organized a protest march with hundreds of people, which eventually led to the closure of the fan shop before the game.

After the game, the away fans shouted loudest and stayed to pay tribute to the players and coach Porter. This summer, Brighton lost Bisuma and Cucurella, but Porter still managed to keep the team alive.

It is reported that after Solskjaer was dismissed, Manchester United passed Porter when looking for a replacement, citing his lack of Champions League experience.

Manchester United also passed Caicedo. Brighton signed him independently from Ecuador's Valley for £4.5m in February 2021. Against Manchester United on Sunday, Caicedo played well as a midfielder.

In the center position, Van Gaal gave up the award and Welbeck played well, while Manchester United could only let Eriksen start False Nine.

Martial was sidelined due to injury, Cristiano Ronaldo sat on the bench for the opening, the two are nothing to compare, and their current situation is not very good it is good.

In the past 2 seasons, Martial has played 39 times in the league, scoring only 5 goals (injury reasons). And Cristiano Ronaldo left the team after more than half a month of trouble, wanting to go to a club that can participate in the Champions League. This hidden danger was buried after Manchester United collapsed last season.

At that time, if the Manchester United management could have foreseen the problem, they would have had the opportunity to finalize Nunes, or find another striker. And now, they can only be forced to talk to Red Bull Salzburg about Cesco. After the game with Brighton, Red Bull is afraid that the price will continue to rise.

< span style="background-color: #F9F9F9; --tt-darkmode-bgcolor: #181818;">This summer, Manchester United bid farewell to 8 old players, and so far, they have only signed 3 new players.

Cristiano Ronaldo is already in Cao Ying and his heart is in Han, but his importance to the team has not risen but fallen. Ten Hag said before the game that Ronaldo had only been training with the team for 10 days, and his physical condition did not meet the starting requirements. Against Brentford in the second round, if Martial can’t play yet, Ten Hag may have to let Ronaldo start.

Ronaldo's supreme confidence disrupted the dressing room last season. And some former coaching staff believe that some players feel uneasy that they are not up to the standards of a giant like Manchester United.

< span style="background-color: #F9F9F9; --tt-darkmode-bgcolor: #181818;">Ten Hag's post-match speech was also mostly cliché. "We started well, but we dropped a notch later and we didn't have enough confidence. We made a lot of mistakes and the opponents punished us. It shouldn't be, we have to believe in ourselves and be as tight as a team. Unite together, have confidence on the court, we have to run towards this goal."

Martinez had a poor first half, Put in March and yellowed after a fumbled foul. After the intermission, he regained some form and showed his ability to pass and control. Eriksen's performance also opened low and walked high. In the second half, he dropped deep and sent a lot of shells forward. Another new signing, Malaysia, played late and didn't have much chance to perform.

Brighton played very comfortable, it was the result of 3 years of work, their coach and signing team had the courage and knowledge, A lot of effort went into this.

Ten Hag is also confident that he can be seen by everyone, provided Manchester United buys him the right man.

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