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Round 25 | Tridents scored together, Real Madrid consolidated the top spot, Barca beat Varen

Posting time:2022-12-01 14:50:24

Round 25 | Tridents scored together, Real Madrid consolidated the top spot, Barca beat Varen

After this round, Real Madrid continued to top the list, 6 points ahead of Sevilla, followed by Betis, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid and Villarreal.

In another segment of the standings, Cadiz, Alaves and Levante are in the relegation zone. After Levante got a point in this round Continue to be at the bottom of the standings, and there are still 9 points behind the safety zone.

The European war will continue in full swing, and this week Can Villarreal and Atletico Madrid have the upper hand in the Champions League? Can Barcelona, ​​Real Sociedad and Betis successfully advance to the next round in the Europa League?

Elche 2-1 Vallecano< /span>

Elche reversed Vallecano's four-game losing streak at home

Elche played at home against Vallecano. The Lightning opened the scoring in the second half, but Elche scored two goals to reverse the score, Carrillo and Ponce each scored With one goal, Vallecano suffered a four-game losing streak.

Granada 1-4 Villa Real

Danjuma hat-trick as Submarines rout Granada

Granada vs. Villarreal at home, Danjuma scored twice in the first half, Granada scored a penalty kick in the second half , Danjuma scored a hat-trick from a penalty kick, Moi Gomez scored a goal at the last minute, and finally Villarreal beat Granada 4-1 away and temporarily entered the European theater.

Osasuna 0-3 Atlético de Madrid

< strong>Felix's pass to Suya made a great contribution to Atletico's long-lost away victory span>

Atletico Madrid was a guest to challenge Osasuna, who had been in good shape recently. Felix scored a lightning strike in the first half, assisted Suarez in the second half to score a world wave, and Correa also attacked at the last moment. In the end, Atletico Madrid defeated Osasuna 3-0 away, and gained a long-lost victory.

Cádiz 1-1 Getafe

< strong>Mayoral Negredo scores a goal for Cadiz to draw at home to Getafe

Cádiz vs. Getafe. Both goals came in the first half. Mayoral scored a penalty to give Getafe the lead. At the last minute of the half, Negredo scored to help Cadiz equalize the score, and finally Cadiz drew 1-1 with Getafe.

Real Madrid 3-0 Alaves< /span>

The striker trident collectively scored a goal and Real Madrid beat Alaves to consolidate the top spot p>

Real Madrid challenged Alaves at home. Neither team made any achievements in the first half. In the second half, Asensio World Wave opened the scoring for Real Madrid, and then Vinicius and Benzema each scored a goal. Help Real Madrid beat Alaves 3-0 and continue to consolidate the top spot.

Spanish 1-1 Sevilla

Rafamil scored, Dadell equalized Espanyol and drew Sevilla

The Spaniard welcomes Sevilla, who are second in the standings, at home. Rafa Mir opens for Sevilla in the first half For the record, in the second half, Dadell's header equalized the score for the Spaniards, and Conde left the field. In the end, Sevilla, who had one less battle, drew with the Spaniards 1-1, and the difference with the top Real Madrid widened to 6 points.

Valencia 1-4 Barcelona span>

Aubameyang's two goals and Pedri's home win over Valencia

In a focus match in this round, Valencia is at home against Barcelona, ​​and Aubameyang, who made his first start in La Liga, scored the first goal of his Barcelona career shortly after the opening. Rong also scored a goal, Aubameyang then scored twice, and Soler scored a point for Valencia in the second half, but Pedri's wonderful long-range shot after coming off the bench sealed the victory for Barcelona, ​​and Barcelona finally 4-1 An away victory over the Bats.

Real Betis 2-1 Real Mallo Card

William Jose beats Betis to third place with a spot-on shot to beat Mallorca

Real Betis at home against Mallorca, Alex Moreno opened the scoring for Betis in the first half, and Murić equalized for Mallorca in the second half The score, at the last moment, Willian Jose took the penalty opportunity to overtake the score again. In the end, Betis beat Mallorca 2-1 at home and continued to rank the top three in the standings.

Athletic Bilbao 4-0 Real Social

The Basque Lions won the derby by four goals in the second half

Basque derby battle began, Athletic Bilbao played against Real Sociedad, Munia missed a penalty kick in the first half, and the Basque Lions showed great power in the second half, In 21 minutes, he scored four goals in a row, and finally defeated Real Sociedad 4-0 to win the Derby, further approaching the European theater.

Celta 1-1 Levante

< strong>Selve scored, Marti savior Celta drew at home with Levante

In the last match of this round, Celta faced Levante at home. Neither team made any achievements in the first half. In the second half, Selvi scored a header to break the deadlock. Roger, who came off the bench at the last minute, scored the savior, and Levante finally drew with Celta 1-1 away and got a valuable point on the way to relegation.

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