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Shams: Durant is out of the Nets physically and mentally

Posting time:2022-12-01 14:50:58

Shams: Durant is out of the Nets physically and mentally

Yesterday, The Athletic's Shams Charania reported that sources revealed that Nets forward Kevin Durant and Nets owner Tsai Chongxin reiterated his trade request during a weekend meeting. Inform Cai Chongxin that he needs to choose between him and general manager Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash.

Shams spoke again today on a podcast: "On June 30, when Kevin Durant filed for a trade, a lot of people were totally surprised. The question was why would he want to trade? Apply for a trade. This is the question of many people, the Nets have also questioned why Durant would want to leave, they think the team has done everything for him, why is this point. This ultimatum, before this week None. Obviously, Kevin Durant is no longer in Brooklyn, physically or mentally. In the Nets' view, they're a championship-worthy team, but their star is asking directly Trade or get rid of coaches and general managers. Everyone in the league understands that Cai Chongxin will not fire Steve Nash and Sean Marks. And Cai Chongxin has made it clear that he will support Steve Nash and Sean - Max."

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