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Bundesliga new season preview: Bayern dynasty still? European war intensifies

Posting time:2022-10-05 22:46:06

Bundesliga new season preview: Bayern dynasty still? European war intensifies

The new Bundesliga season will reignite this weekend. The Bundesliga has been dominated by Bayern for the past 10 years. different? Many powerful lineups have not been weakened but have been strengthened. Can they be improved this season? Schalke Bremen, the two old-fashioned powerhouses, returned to the Bundesliga after a year. Can they regain their original competitiveness?

Championship: Bayern is still superior and Dortmund is still the number one rival

Although the Bundesliga sent Lewandowski and Haaland the two sharpshooters this summer, Bayern and Borussia Dortmund will still be the two major focuses of the Bundesliga in the new season. Sending off Shenfeng means that the two teams also have to usher in great changes. From the current point of view, Bayern, who had to let Lewandowski go, has dealt with it more easily, and Dortmund, who had prepared for Haaland to leave the team early, was due to Alai's cancer hit was a major blow.

Bayern played last weekend in the German Super Cup 5- 3 Defeat Leipzig to get a good start. Bayern, who lacked Lewandowski, made up for it with a more flexible formation. The offensive combination of Mane and Gnabry has achieved initial results, and both Choupo Moting and new aid Terr can provide a little bit to Bayern's offense. Variety. In the back line, De Ligt's sky-high joining is worth looking forward to. After all, he has a higher evaluation than the original Sule in terms of age and ability. Pavar is also basically focused on staying at Bayern. The only weakness may still be in the midfield position," Bai said. Kante" Laimer may not be able to join this summer, Grafenberg is not a defensive midfielder, and the midfield lacks a barrier. Nasque Bayern, which is aggressively attacking, may continue to be in a state of ups and downs.

Dortmund arranged the striker in advance, but Alai's testicular tumor disrupted the team's plan. Due to the follow-up chemotherapy, Alai could not count on it in a short time, and because of early signings, now Dortmund doesn't have the money left to introduce other strikers. The new striker Adeyemi has similar functions to Mukoko, who has not renewed his contract. Last season's Mullen and Reus, who is already a veteran, could not have the offensive momentum of Haaland's sweeping army, and Dortmund's offensive firepower declined. It seems inevitable. However, with the introduction of two German internationals, Sule and Schlottbeck, who are over 190cm tall, plus Hummels, who is 191cm in height, Dortmund has an enviable group of central defenders in the pagoda. , the much-maligned defense last season is also expected to be stabilized.

In the new season, Bayern will still be the strongest contender for the Bundesliga title, and Dortmund will continue to play Bayern’s top contender. The distance between the two sides last season was 8 points. Considering that the two rounds of head-to-head confrontation in the national derby both favored Bayern's controversial penalty, the Bundesliga is a dominant player, but it is definitely not to the point where there is no suspense for the championship.

European War: Red Bull Pharmacies are reinforced Frankfurt should not be underestimated

Bayern’s several strong aids this summer were all sourced from overseas, and many strong teams in the Bundesliga did not have their core players poached. Under the circumstance that the core team of last season was basically retained, the major teams also made targeted supplements. Strong, making the battle for the European war in the new season more intense.

Pharma Leverkusen won last season In the third place in the league, Wertz and Schick have both quasi-first-class highlights, but both of them have missed many games due to injuries, which has weakened Leverkusen's competitiveness to a certain extent. This summer, Leverkusen introduced Czech genius striker Holozek, and Azmon is getting better. Even though Leverkusen was unexpectedly eliminated in the first round of the German Cup, he has a luxurious offensive combination who averaged more than 2 goals per game last season. Warkusen also have the strength to compete for the Champions League.

Leipzig Red Bull's head coach Marsh failed in his new tactical reform at the beginning of last season, but after a coach change midway, young coach Tedesco just led his team to the top four and won the German Cup, which shows that Leipzig is not bad. Lineup strength. Adams and Mujeele left the team this summer, but neither of them was indispensable. Schlager, who was introduced from Wolfsburg, and Halstenberg, who returned from injury at the end of last season, filled the vacancies of the two. The team also introduced Bayern Dortmund's interested Hoffenheim left wing Raum, and is expected to welcome Werner back. In the second half of last season, Leipzig’s third-line battle was almost a double game every week. If they can focus more on the league in the new season, the team is expected to achieve better results than last season.

Eintracht Frankfurt only ranked in the middle of the Bundesliga last season, but the team won the Europa League after a lapse of 42 years, and added Gotze, Arario and Muani on the offensive end. The wing Kostic can stay in the team, and the two wings of Kostic and Knauf are flying together with a good offensive group, and Frankfurt's strength should not be underestimated. However, the offensive and strong defense is doubtful. The defense backbone Hinteregger retired in a fit of anger, the reserve Makoto Hasebe was one year older, and Krstic and Knauf lacked suitable substitutes on the flanks. In the new season, there is a situation in the Champions League. In the future, Frankfurt may be top-heavy and worry about one thing or the other.

Berlin and Freiburg were the dark horses of the Bundesliga last season, and the two teams were finally separated by five or six. Union Berlin is still one of the Bundesliga teams with the biggest lineup changes in the new season: after Cruze in this winter window After that, another outside striker, Avoniyi, also changed his team this summer. Freiburg is the team with the least change in the Bundesliga lineup in the summer. The main lineup of the team has not changed much this summer. It is a pity that Schlottbeck switched to Dortmund, but the return of German international Ginter without a visa can also play a role in counterpoint. adjustment effect.

Monchengladbach and Hoffenheim last season The performance of the team is regrettable. The new season also changed the coach and started again. The German Cup opened 9-1 and won the first game of the new season. The offensive firepower was not affected by Embolo's departure. Itakura Hong, who was upgraded with Schalke last season, came to cast. If the strength of the lineup is not weak, if they can stabilize the defense line, there is also hope of competing in the European competition in the new season. Hoffenheim has always been in the middle in the past two seasons. This summer, they hired Breittenwright, who just led Zurich to the Swiss championship. So far in the pre-season, they have won 5 and 1 in 6 games. Strong and the defense line has changed a lot, I am afraid that it will not be able to meet the expectations of the boss, Hope, who is striving for the upper reaches.

Relegation: Schalke not Leime relegated to the first Hertha Berlin is still sluggish

Schalke and Bremen, two former powerhouses, have returned to the Bundesliga, but their primary consideration after their return is to avoid relegation. Schalke’s finances are so tight that they are unable to buy out Itakura, the hero of the upgrade, but the team also introduced Yoshida Maya and Brennell (Belefeld defender) through a visa-free form, and the defense line can still cope. . On the offensive end, Trod smashed the Quartet in the Bundesliga. It is worth paying attention to the effect of returning to the Bundesliga. Schalke also introduced Bochum striker Porter for 1.5 million, and he is expected to form a double striker partner with Trod.

Bremen was a blessing in disguise last season, coach An Fang was dismissed due to a fake vaccine certificate, and Werner, who was in danger, took office to reverse the situation and lead the team to successfully enter the league. But for the 34-year-old coach Werner, who is relatively new to the Bundesliga, the new season will be difficult. Sturge, who was introduced from Copenhagen for 4 million euros, is the team's biggest signing. However, compared with Schalke, which has changed a lot in the starting lineup, Bremen still trusts the main axis of the Bundesliga period. The overall change is not. too big.

Hertha Berlin, led by Magath, struggled to avoid relegation through the play-offs last season. The capital team, which experienced major changes such as the change of chairman, was eliminated by Brunswick in the first round of the German Cup, and has been eliminated for consecutive years. With high input and low output, the owner Windhorst has decided not to spend money. Leaving aside the issue of the weak offensive lineup, Hertha Berlin was disillusioned, and the team renewed the contract to replace the veteran Boateng so that he could play a leading role in inspiring the army, but the new coach Schwartz was hired because he stayed in Russia last season. Super and controversial, Hertha Berlin may also be able to avoid relegation as the initial goal in the new season.

Stuttgart, Bochum and Augsburg also struggled to avoid relegation last season. Stuttgart striker Kalejic is likely to stay in the team. If he stays healthy, it will greatly help Stuttgart avoid relegation; Bochum The two major central defenders Lech and Bella Kechap have left the team, and the quality of defense is a major hidden danger for the team; Augsburg has stayed in the Bundesliga for 12 seasons, and as a small team, they also won relegation way.


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