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Who is the world's leading striker in women's football?

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Who is the world's leading striker in women's football?

Although Beth Mead just had 6 goals and 4 assists in 6 games to help England won the European Cup, and I also won the MVP and Golden Boot awards in my arms, but she is better at assists than goals. She is currently not the strongest striker in the world's women's football team, and is most qualified to compete in women's football. The first striker title is the following five players.

Become with Mbappe The woman on the cover of FIFA23

Sam Cole

Nationality: Australia

Club: Chelsea< /span>

Age: 28

Sam Cole is a natural court killer. Although she is less than 1.7 meters tall, she has repeatedly used headers to score goals. What she is best at is to single-handedly attack the opponent's goal. During the game, Cole can often be seen. Get rid of a few defenders by cutting inside, then kick to score.

With a strong desire to shoot and unparalleled Personal ability, Kerr has become an uncompromising "golden boot harvester". She has won the Australian League Golden Boot twice and won the top scorer in the American League three times. She is the best scorer in the history of the Australian League and the American League.

After switching to Chelsea Women's in 2020, Cole In the past two seasons, he led his team to win the league championship, and he also won the Premier League Golden Boot twice in a row. Last season, she was elected league MVP in all three selections by the Premier League, the Professional Players Union, and the Football Journalists Association.

About Sam Kerr in Women's World The status can also be seen from another angle-last month, EA announced the two cover stars of the latest football game "FIFA23", one of them is Mbappe, the other is Sam Kerr, and this It is also the first time that EA has featured a female football player on the cover of the international edition of a FIFA series.

In addition, Cole was selected by ESPN not long ago In the ranking of active female football players, second only to last year's Miss World Football and Barcelona super midfielder Alexia Putras, Cole is also the highest ranked female football striker.

In Shui Qingxia's eyes " Best in the World”

Vivian Midma

Nationality: Netherlands

Club: Arsenal

Age: 25

In the 2021 FIFA Women's Football Player Award, the Chinese team coach Shui Qingxia and captain Wang Shanshan both voted for Dutch star Vivian Miedema.

The choice of water guide and Wang Shanshan is not difficult to understand In the 2021 Olympic Games, Miedema's performance was extremely exaggerated. She scored 10 goals in 4 games with a variety of scoring methods, which not only broke the Olympic women's football single-session individual goal record held by Canadian star Sinclair, but also became the first goal of the Olympic women's football team. The first person to score in double figures in a single Olympic women's football team. In the Dutch team's match against the Chinese women's football team, Miedema scored twice after coming off the bench to help the team win 8-2.

So far, the touch is fine and the goal is Miedema, who has a strong sense of smell, has played 112 games for the Dutch women's football team, scoring a total of 93 goals.

Midma is also doing well at the club In the past five seasons, she has won the Premier League Golden Boot twice in the Arsenal Women's Football Team. She has also become the all-time top scorer in the Women's Premier League and the first player to directly score 100 goals in the Women's Premier League.

Trophy collectors

Penelleigh Ha German

Nationality: Danish< /span>

Club: Chelsea

Age: 29

Despite injuries in recent years Troubled, but Perneley Hader remains one of the best women's footballers in the world.

Hard is not a pure shooter, but a team A type player, frontcourt core and team leader, with comprehensive skills and selfless play, she can always bring wins and championships to the team.

Wolff During his time at Fortuna, Hader helped the team achieve three consecutive Bundesliga and German Cup championships as captain, and he won the league's golden boot twice, and was elected as the best player of UEFA Women's Football in the 2017-18 and 2019-20 seasons.

In 2020, Hader broke the women's football world With a record transfer fee, she joined Chelsea with a high profile. In the next two seasons, she continued to play the role of a winner on the pitch, helping the team win the Women's Premier League championship twice.

At the national team level, Harder also shines Eye-catching performance, in 2017, she led the Danish women's football team to pass the game, all the way to the European Cup final, but unfortunately lost to the Netherlands and won the runner-up.

Wang Shuang's best partner , Women's Lewandowski

Marie Catoto

Nationality: French

Club: Paris St. German

Age: 23

Although only 23 years old, young Marie Catoto has become Paris Saint-Germain's all-time top scorer.

For the past five seasons, Catoto has The women's Ligue 1 field is full of super striker qualities. Through erratic movements and a ruthless fatal blow, she won three golden boots and two silver boots. Among them, the 2018-19 season was the season with the most goals for her. At that time, thanks to her good partner Wang Shuang, who delivered cannonballs behind her, Catoto played like a duck to water, scoring a total of 22 goals in the league. Many media have previously regarded her as Mbappe, but friends who have watched her games will think that Catoto is more like a center striker, similar to Lewandowski.

In the recent Women's European Cup , The French team, ranked third in the world, had high hopes. However, in the first game victory over Italy, Catoto, who scored a goal, was injured and missed all the remaining games.

As the team's leading scorer, Cato No one can replace Tuo's role in the French women's football team. Because of her absence, the French team's striker strength declined sharply and ultimately failed to reach the final.

T-Rex in the Champions League< /span>

Eda· Hagerberg

Nationality : Norway

Club: Lyon

Age: 27

Because of serious injury Sickness, the world's top striker in women's football and the winner of the first women's football Golden Ball in 2018, Ada Hegerberg has been away from the field for nearly two years. Her dominance in this competition - she first used her signature moves and headers to grab points to score her team's second goal, and then assisted her teammates to score, and finally helped Lyon beat Barcelona 3-1, the eighth. Won the Women's Champions League trophy.

In the Champions League, which represents the highest level of European women's football clubs On the field, Hegerberg is a veritable king. She has scored in four Women's Champions League finals to date, and even scored a hat-trick in the 2019 final.

Additionally, in 2017— She scored 15 goals in the Women's Champions League in the 2018 season, holding the record for the most goals scored in the Women's Champions League in a single season. She is also the historical top scorer in the Women's Champions League with a total of 59 goals.

Above five players, who do you think Is the current women's football first striker? (Sit-ups/Yumpers)

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