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Who should the Cavaliers choose at the 3 position? James Wiggins is the optimal solution, Kuzma is easier to get

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Who should the Cavaliers choose at the 3 position? James Wiggins is the optimal solution, Kuzma is easier to get

Cavaliers have recently become the protagonists of many rumors, and three of them are related to them. The position of the two players is the same, which fully shows that the reinforcement of the Cavaliers' 3 position is an open secret. The three candidates have different names, and the difficulty of getting them is also different. James is the most topical, Kuzma is the most accessible, and Wiggins is in the middle. So, how should the Cavaliers choose?

Almost followed the topic of James and the Lakers contract renewals, and the Cavaliers suddenly returned to the fans' field of vision as "James' popular next home". Experts from all walks of life expressed their opinions, and the news from the Cavaliers was also very different. It is said that the Cavaliers have swept the courtyard and waited for James to return, so they tried their best to lower the price when renewing Sexton; there are also sayings that the Cavaliers have no idea at all about welcoming James back. Correspondingly, it is also a day to say whether James will renew his contract with the Lakers.

It's not over yet. Just today, the US media reminded the Cavaliers that if they can’t beg James, they have other options, such as Wiggins and Kuzma.

The reason for this is related to the composition of the Cavaliers' lineup. Opening the current roster of the Cavaliers, you will find that the team has "three highs" and Love on the inside, and the new All-Star Garland on the outside, as well as LeVert and Okoro, and welcome back Rubio and Sexton. A return is still possible, with both lines being thicker. In contrast, the Cavaliers are slightly weaker at the 3 position. In addition to Cedi - Osman, the Cavaliers lack of pure small forward. It seems that there are many people available, but many of them are swing people.

Cavaliers fans in 2021-22 Experience what it's like to ride a roller coaster. In the middle of the season, the Cavaliers once ranked among the top 4 in the Eastern Division. The "three highs" were eye-catching, and the defensive efficiency also ranked among the top three in the league. It is very hopeful that they will enter the playoffs for the first time since James left in 2018. But in the end the injury ruined the youth army. At the beginning of the season, the Cavaliers damaged Rubio and Sexton, and then the "three highs" were also injured in turn. Affected by this, the Cavaliers fell to the 8th place in the Eastern Division and failed to pass the playoffs and missed the playoffs.

It is conceivable for the Cavaliers to be unconvinced when the season is so high and low. Drawing on the lessons of last season, the Cavaliers understand that in order to achieve their goal of returning to the playoffs in the new season, it is necessary to strive for the top 6 in the Eastern Conference, which means that their lineup will have very little error tolerance. In this case, in addition to making demands on player attendance, the Cavaliers will also look to see to what extent a weak 3 can interfere with goals.

The Cavaliers have one more season to spend Inspection, not only inspect yourself, but also inspect popular candidates. So, if the Cavaliers decide to play at the 3, how should the current three candidates choose?

James is the No. 1 choice, needless to say. In the opinion of the US media, with the current team of the Cavaliers, if they can drop James, they will immediately upgrade from a promising playoff team to a championship contending team. After James joins, even if he only plays for one season (to meet his eldest son Bronny in 2024), it will be beneficial to the growth of the young core of the Cavaliers. What's more, the return of James will bring a lot of intangible assets to the Cavaliers, and the topic is bursting, they can make a lot of money.

But it is not a small obstacle for the Cavaliers to welcome James back . If James and the Lakers want to reach a willingness to renew their contracts in advance, as strong as described by the US media today, the Cavaliers are basically out of the game. They can only wait for James, like Pierce, to sign a symbolic contract to come back and retire.

Wiggins is also a good choice, not even inferior to James. Unlike James' "Return of the King", although Wiggins will also come with the halo of a "new championship", he is only 27 years old after all, and he can still mingle with the young core of the Cavaliers. Moreover, after being tempered by the warriors, Wiggins is now both offensive and defensive. From the perspective of the Warriors, the huge luxury tax brings huge pressure, and Wiggins and Poole can only choose one or the other. For now, Poole is more likely to stay in the team than Wiggins, who is not from his family.

In addition, if the Warriors aim to defend their title next season , won't give away Wiggins midway through the season for impairment. However, there are obstacles for the Cavaliers to covet Wiggins. The Warriors did not make the final choice between Wiggins and Poole, and everything is still unknown. In addition, Summer Wiggins is a restricted free agent in 2023. This summer, the Pacers issued the largest invitation contract in history, and the Suns are still matching at the speed of light. It is not ruled out that the Warriors will do the same. The initiative to leave Wiggins is still in the hands of the Warriors.

Another obstacle is that Wiggins was immediately sent to the Timberwolves in exchange for Love after being drafted by the Cavaliers as the No. 1 overall pick in 2014. Whether he will be grumpy when he returns to the knight this time, only he knows.

In terms of technical features and completion, Kuzma is naturally the last choice among the three. In the rookie season, Kuzma was the first to win, and he was selected as the best rookie team. He is the only lucky Lakers young player who stayed until 2020 to win the championship. However, Kuzma’s problems with poor ball handling, lack of defensive awareness and lack of offensive stability were exposed one by one. The Lakers once positioned him as a fixed-point shooter and were criticized by the industry.

But when he joined the Wizards last season, Kuzma posted a career-best PER and was second in points per game and true shooting percentage. Leaving the Lakers, Kuzma's three-point shot percentage has decreased, and his shots near the basket have increased, and he has a guaranteed hit rate. The place where the basket is shot. This means that today's Kuzma's outbreak is predictable after adjustment.

Kuzma's 3-year 40 million contract arrives Expires in 2024, with a 13 million player option in the final year. If he is out of contract in 2023, he will become an unrestricted free agent. In addition, although Kuzma expressed his confidence in the Wizards in the new season when he was a guest on the Dream Chasing Green program recently, if the team's performance still does not improve (probability is not small), the Wizards may not keep people.

It's too early to predict how the Cavaliers will operate next summer, but Cavaliers executives should put this issue on the agenda as soon as possible. Perhaps strengthening the No. 3 position next summer is the last step for them to regain their former glory. (Supine/Mao Mao)

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