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Barcelona's new demon front is cute, can Rafinha continue to write the legend of Camp Nou Samba?

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Barcelona's new demon front is cute, can Rafinha continue to write the legend of Camp Nou Samba?

Brazilians have made history in Barcelona. Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Neymar... These exciting names have driven Camp Nou crazy. However, after Neymar left Barcelona, ​​Barcelona lacked a touch of samba football for a long time. Now, Barcelona have high hopes for Rafinha. He is one of the most sought-after players in the transfer market this summer and is currently the number one candidate for the right wing position of the Brazilian national team. So why did a player who only played for Leeds United, the Premier League relegation team last season, get such a high rating in international football?

The manager of Leeds United last season was the famous "madman" Bielsa. Not many players get a lot of autonomy from Bielsa, but Rafinha is an exception: "As a coach, with players like Rafinha, if I try to intervene, then I'm just going to be a problem ."

Cruyff once said : "Statistically, players have an average of 3 minutes with the ball per game. So the most important thing is what you do in the 87 minutes without the ball, that's what determines whether you're a good player or not." Phinea is a very good player with and without the ball.

The Brazilian is Leeds United in 2021-22 The brightest star of the season. Despite playing for a team fighting to stay out of relegation, Rafinha has performed well enough to rival the best attackers in the Premier League. Rafinha's strengths include set pieces, key passes, long passes, direct free kicks and dribbling. Under Bielsa's leadership, Leeds United's style of play is very open, which makes Rafinha like a duck to water.

Rafinha was in last season's After the winter break, I encountered some difficulties. This may be due to the fact that Rafinha represented Brazil in three games during the winter break. In fact, Bielsa gave Rafinha two league games to rest after the international break in October and November last year, which allowed him to rest and continue in good form.

From the 25th round of the Premier League last season, the Brazilian has fallen into a low point. Outside the Premier League "Big 6", only Southampton's Prowse has created more than Rafinha. more opportunities. Star players outside the "Big 6" also included West Ham's Bowen and Aston Villa's Buendia, but Rafinha was still able to maintain their statistic lead at the time.

As a winger, Rafinha He scored 11 goals in the Premier League last season, accounting for more than 1/4 of the Leeds United team's goals, and only Vardy, Zaha, Madison and Bowen are more than him outside the "Big 6". and Ivan Tony.

Since November 2020 in Rafinia Since his first start in the Premier League, only four players have scored more goals and assists than Rafinha in a game: Salah, Bruno Fernandes, De Bruyne and Son Heung-min. In the 2020-21 season, Rafinha has provided 9 assists, ranking sixth among all players in the Premier League, behind Kane, Bruno Fernandes, De Bruyne, Grealish and Son Heung-min.

It is this comprehensiveness that makes Lafite Nia became Leeds United's number one star and the driving force behind Leeds' ability to put pressure on opponents in the game. The Brazilian is a very gifted ball-handler who excels one-on-one against opponents, and he can deal fatal blows with his passing - his passes are often unexpected, aimed at dangerous areas and with uncanny arcs , "You can use a sharp through ball or a devil-like reverse pass to tear the opponent's defense." His left-footed shot is also full of Brazilians' unique ghosts and tricks.

Rafinha's role off the ball is also praised. Even off the ball, he was a "terrible demon". Rafinha is able to repeat those high-intensity off-the-ball movements with ease, which is rare among attackers in European football today. This is an important sign of Rafinha's style of play.

Although Rafinha is an extremely A gifted creative player, but not a selfish attacker, his physicality and willingness to run off the ball make him an ideal weapon for transitioning from defense to offense, as well as helping the team effectively. Press, get the ball back.

Treat Rafinha from Brazil national team In terms of attitude, we may be able to glimpse Rafinha's talent. Against Venezuela, Rafinha made his national team debut. He contributed 2 assists, participated in 3 goals, and helped Brazil reverse 3-1. Victory; against Uruguay, Rafinha made his debut for the national team for the first time, and he repaid Tite's trust with a brace. Brazilian legends such as Rivaldo and Ronaldinho made their first appearance for Rafi. Nia offered her kind words.

Since joining Barcelona, ​​Rafinha has represented Barcelona in 4 warm-up games, scored 1 goal and 2 assists in his debut against Miami International, and was still in the face of Real Madrid. There was a shocking left-footed world wave. Rafinha's outstanding individual ability and unique playing style left a deep impression, Barcelona fans expected him to perform the samba dance on the Nou Camp like Ronaldinho and Neymar, while some media pointed out Rafinha's stature and style are reminiscent of the "Angel" Di Maria in his prime.

The arrival of Rafinha has stimulated the Dembele, who is considered to be talented but not hard enough; Ajax's Anthony was one of the most high-profile young attackers in European football last season, but he couldn't compete with Rafinha in Brazil, even the Heat Seuss, Richarlison and others are also likely to be overtaken by Rafinia. This may be the chain reaction brought about by a good player. Although Rafinha said that "it is very satisfying to achieve half of Ronaldinho's achievements", we seem to have reason to place higher expectations on Rafinha.

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