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3-for-1 introduction of Hayward seems absurd, but it is feasible, and the Heat can try their luck after unraveling

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3-for-1 introduction of Hayward seems absurd, but it is feasible, and the Heat can try their luck after unraveling

The Heat this offseason was a classic example of "thunder and rain." Their names appear frequently in the free agency market and the trade market, and they were once designated as the next home by Durant, but they have not been successful. The Heat were mentioned again today, and an anonymous team executive suggested that the Heat pack Herro, Dunro and Ute Seven to exchange for Hayward. Will Pat Riley do the same?

Needless to say, when the proposal was first put in front of fans, the reaction of most people was inexplicable. Hayward is an All-Star, but since breaking his leg in his Celtics debut, the Iron Man early in his career has been reduced to a Glass Man. In the past four seasons, Hayward has only played more than 60 games in one season, and the other three seasons have up to 52 games.

In 2021-22, Hayward He only played in 48 games, and in February this year he was out for the second consecutive season due to a sprained left leg. In addition, during this period, Hayward's left and right hands, ankles, feet and calves were injured, and his fragile body has become the biggest stumbling block in his career, and many teams have avoided him.

Introducing such a "glass man", of course, the Heat have to think twice, not to mention that they have to pack and send three players, Hiro, Dunro and Ute Saiwen. But a closer look at the Heat's situation, the deal is not impossible.

As suggested by the US media, Hero will undoubtedly be the subject of the transaction. For him, the Heat's attitude has always been intriguing. In the rookie season, Hero entered the finals with the team, and in the playoffs, he showed the momentum of "newborn calves are not afraid of tigers", and the name of "crooked war god" spread like wildfire. But as the saying goes, "success is in the playoffs, and defeat is in the playoffs." Hero's performance in the 2021 playoffs is terrible; in the 2022 playoffs, he is different from the one who bottomed out during the regular season and won the best sixth man.

At this moment, it was time for Hero to renew his contract. Previously, US media reported that Hero wanted to seek a maximum salary, which was close to getting a 5-year 184 million fat contract, but it was not confirmed. Compared with the contracts obtained by players with a similar level to Hero, the industry believes that a four-year offer of 100 million is more reasonable.

It's still hard for the Heat. Hero's ups and downs are too great for them to make the most accurate judgment on Hero's level and prospects. Fans should not forget that just a year ago, the Heat refused to trade Herro for Harden, so that Herro was ridiculed as "a man that Harden can't replace". It’s different now. Whenever the Heat are involved in trade rumors, Hero’s name will always appear. This summer, there are also rumors that the Heat intends to use him as the main body to trade for Durant. The Heat have not completed a contract extension with Herro one month after the opening of the free agency market, which has actually shown their attitude.

Hero made the Heat hesitate, and Dunro made the Heat regret. As an undrafted player in 2018, Deng Luo's growth experience is inspirational, and the Heat also offer a 5-year 90 million fat contract in the 2021 offseason. Dunro's return, however, was a failing answer (10.9 points, 2.6 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game on 39.9 percent shooting).

So although Hayward is "crisp" ", but the Heat also have trouble. It would also be beneficial for the Heat to get rid of a "bad contract" and a possible "bad contract" by sending Dunro and Hero at the same time in one transaction. Of course, the Heat will still feel "meat ache" by sending Ute Saivin away. This gentleman is from George Town, the "cradle of centers". He repeatedly broke the team's history in rebounding in the rookie season. It is the malleable talent of the Heat's inside line, and it is also considered to be another demonstration of the Heat's ability to cultivate undrafted draft picks.

Of course, for Riley to nod, see what Hayward can bring. Before the injury, Hayward was both offensive and defensive and could act as a lubricant for the team. After the injury, Hayward's footsteps are a little slow, and it is more difficult to defend against small and fast backcourt players, but he can still play against forward players. In terms of shooting, Hayward is still unequivocal. He has made no less than 38% of his three-pointers for three consecutive seasons. He also averaged 19.6 points per game in the 2020-21 season when he first entered the Hornets, which is close to the late Jazz. Performance. In addition, Hayward's playmaking ability will benefit Butler, allowing him to stay on the offensive end for crunch time. What's more, Hayward's contract is also shorter (4 years, 120 million, expiring in 2024).

The Heat seem to be interested in those with a history of injuries. The former All-Star has a soft spot. Before Hayward, the Heat had introduced Oladipo, and they both had a deep bond with the Heat. Oladipo had an affair with the Heat when he was still with the Pacers; Hayward also met with Heat executives before joining the Celtics in 2017. Later, Hayward also admitted: "I did feel the charm of Riley...I couldn't wait to put on the Heat jersey."

In addition, from a Heat perspective, the offseason It is also unacceptable to be silent for a long time, especially when several tyrants in the Eastern District have made moves. Among them, the Celtics’ introduction of Gallinari and Brogdon, and the 76ers’ signing of Tucker and House through Harden’s pay-cut renewal, are the most praised. As the so-called "boat against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat", the reinforcement of competitors will inevitably cause the Heat to be alert, and they can no longer hesitate to wait and see.

In summary, for the Heat , 3-for-1 introduction of Hayward seems unacceptable, but the possibility of reality exists. The Hornets will bet that Herro and Dunro can regain their performance worthy of a big contract, and the Heat can also bet that Hayward's attendance will pick up. Although there are risks, there are opportunities. Will Riley nod? (Supine/Mao Mao)

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