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Assessing the value of the thick eyebrow trade, the Lakers have no deep meaning, the future of the Purple and Gold Corps may not have his place

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Assessing the value of the thick eyebrow trade, the Lakers have no deep meaning, the future of the Purple and Gold Corps may not have his place

Westbrook hasn't figured it out yet, and the Lakers suddenly stepped into another river. According to Sean Deveney of "Heavy", a Western Conference executive revealed that the Lakers want to evaluate the value of Anthony Davis' trade internally. In fact, people from all walks of life are not surprised by this, but when the Westbrook trade is still pending, the Lakers suddenly turned while James' contract renewal negotiations are still in progress, which has to be suspicious.

The Lakers will want to see how much Davis can fetch in the market, and while it’s not the same as putting it on the shelf, the fact that the Lakers will move this way speaks volumes. All walks of life are not surprised by this, after all, today's Davis is different from the past.

Before joining the Lakers, all sectors of His impressions can be summed up in a few points: he is easily injured, his ability to lead the team is limited, he is both offensive and defensive, and his future prospects are bright. After joining the Lakers, the championship season was the best performance of Davis' career. Because of his presence, Giannis Antetokounmpo's Defensive Player Award won't convince everyone. At one point, James wanted to give him the Lakers' No. 23 jersey, and the Lakers also wanted to give him the future scepter.

But none of that appealed to Davis as much as the outside world thought. After winning the championship, Davis played in only 76 games in the past two seasons, and his attendance rate was less than 50%, which had a great impact on the Lakers. The 2020-21 season failed to defend the title. Although there were problems with the Lakers’ team building, Davis’s two injuries changed the trajectory of the Lakers’ season: once let the Lakers, who started the season with 21 wins and 7 losses, all the way down, only through the play-offs. Entered the playoffs and faced the second Suns in the Western Conference in the first round; another time, the Lakers squandered a 2-1 lead in the first round and went out 2-4.

By the 2021-22 season, Davis The situation has not improved much (40 games in 82 games), and it still has a profound impact on the Lakers. Like the previous season, the Lakers' failure this season certainly had problems with team building, but if the Zhanmei combination could be healthier, the Lakers wouldn't have fallen to the point where they couldn't even qualify for the playoffs. According to US media reports, a Lakers player said bluntly when talking about Davis: "He played only about 10 dominant games last season."

In addition to frequent injuries, Davis Attitudes towards basketball have also changed. The game distracted him, and his self-declaration that he hadn't practiced since the end of the season caused an uproar. The American media talked about Davis' three-point shooting rate (18.6%) last season, and couldn't figure out why the NBA had such unaggressive players. Reggie Miller is even more blunt: "AD is not eligible to rest, LeBron should be frustrated for him."

Because of this, the US media reminded the Lakers very early that they should think twice about whether to use Davis as the core of their future team building. Arenas even suggested that the Lakers should pack Davis and Westbrook for Durant and Irving. Today's report once again reminds the Lakers to consider whether Davis means the team's future? After all, from now on, he can't even make a steady appearance. And his 7 seasons with the Pelicans only made 2 playoffs in the past, which has also formed a shadow in the hearts of the Lakers executives.

Of course, even so, Davis and Westbrook are different. Westbrook's fate doesn't depend on James, but Davis is basically tied to James, at least for the Lakers. As long as James is in the Lakers for one day, the Lakers will not sell Davis, and will not dismantle the superstar pair that once won the championship together. But even so, the Lakers only have 2 years left to consider whether to break up with Davis.

No trade value for Davis yet how many. Judging by the 2021-22 season alone, neither Davis nor Westbrook has much traction in the market. Westbrook's advantage is that his contract is about to expire, but he is old and his style of play is difficult to change. The industry even suspects that it will be difficult to gain a foothold in the NBA after leaving the Lakers; Davis is slightly better, and he is still worth looking forward to before he is 30 years old. Although his contract does not expire until 2025 (the last year of player option), his 5-year 190 million contract (annual salary of 43.22 million in the final season) is even more expensive at a time when the superstar's annual salary is hitting the 50 million and 60 million levels. There is so much value for money.

Because of the reluctance to pack two first-round picks, the exchange of Westbrook and Irving between the Lakers and the Nets has been frozen. In the future, if the Lakers make up their minds to break up with Davis, they will find that they still cannot escape the topic of the first-round pick. Some fans expressed puzzlement about the Lakers holding on to the first-round pick. First, they did not believe that the Lakers executives would be able to see the eye, and they would select newcomers who could be the cornerstones in the future. Second, they did not think that the Lakers should maintain their future hopes on the rookies. . From 2014 to 2019, the Lakers selected the top 10 picks five times but still failed to make the playoffs, which left an indelible impression on them.

But looking at the high pick The wrong person, He Mingming saw the plastic talent but couldn't choose, which one is more painful, there has never been a conclusion, and the Lakers executives are obviously more reluctant to see the latter. The Lakers' caution is justified. They will be worried about the 2024 offseason (when the Zhanmei team can choose to leave) and lose their future. Moreover, how could the Lakers get Davis if they hadn't accumulated a number of rookies from 2014 to 2019? The Lakers' tradition is to follow the superstar route, and the high-ranked rookies they selected in 2027 and 2029 may be the capital for them to take the superstar route again.

The Lakers’ assessment of Davis’ trade value is both a push for a James extension and a warning to Davis. If the Lakers are labeled as "untrustworthy future stars" and are swept out of the house, Davis' future NBA road may not be easy. (Supine/Mao Mao)

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