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Is Wang Shuang's "new battlefield" the US Women's Football League, or is it the world's No. 1 Women's Football League?

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Is Wang Shuang's "new battlefield" the US Women's Football League, or is it the world's No. 1 Women's Football League?

On August 2, Chinese women's soccer star Wang Shuang is expected to join the NWSL ) After the news of the team Louisville Athletic came out, domestic fans were talking about: Is the current American Women's Football League worthy of the title of "World No. 1"? Is Wang Shuang going to "poverty alleviation with technology" or out of the "comfort zone" to challenge?

The original U.S. Women's Soccer League was created in 2000 and was called WUSA (Women's United Soccer Assocation). As the world's earliest professional women's football league, this event was strongly supported by then FIFA President Blatter, and attracted many players from other countries to join, such as Sun Wen and Liu Ailing, the representatives of the Chinese women's football team "Clanging Roses". And Gao Hong, etc., have all fought in WUSA. At that time, the American Women's Football League was star-studded, with a heroic spirit, and the title of "World No. 1" was well-deserved.

However, the good times don't last long, just over In three years, the U.S. Women's Soccer League has fallen from a peak to a trough.

In 2003, the United States hosted the Women's World Cup. Five days before the opening of the World Cup, WUSA suddenly announced that it was forced to suspend due to financial difficulties. In the past three years, the league market has been ineffective, and the number of spectators has been declining. The total loss in the branch is as high as 86 million US dollars.

This dilemma makes the US Soccer Association feel guilty There was no light, but in the face of the cold reality, they had to shelve their ambitions and humiliately pressed the pause button for the league. This time, the suspension stopped for a full six years. It was not until 2009 that the American Women's Football League returned to the public. In the field of vision, a high-profile restart.

The U.S. Women's Soccer League, which is making a comeback, is renamed the WPS ( Women's Professional Soccer) is still the highest competitive stage coveted by stars from all over the world. Brazil's Marta and China's Han Duan have all traveled to the United States to participate in WPS events.

Unfortunately, the "Second Spring" of the American Women's Football League did not last as long as the first time. In early 2012, the WPS official reluctantly announced the suspension of the season. The reason was still the financial crisis - insufficient funds. , causing the world's No. 1 Women's Football League to struggle, and it is difficult to support it.

Fortunately, this freezing period is only One year, in 2013, the U.S. Women's Soccer League, which had raised funds, was renamed the NWSL (National Women's Soccer League) and relaunched. Until today, the event has never been suspended again, and the participating teams have also increased from the initial 9 to 12.

Last year, the Louisville Athletic team that Wang Shuang is expected to play for joined the NWSL; this year, the Angel City team and the "female version of Beckham" Alex, invested by Oscar-winning Natalie Portman Morgan led the San Diego Waves to join the NWSL with the two new recruits.

However, with the Since the vigorous development of women's football, the professionalization of the American Women's Football League has dwarfed, and its "world first" status has also begun to be strongly challenged.

In the past ten years, England, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy have supported the development of women's football teams with Chelsea, Lyon, Barcelona and other men's football giants, and applied leading football concepts and systems to the construction of women's football. Coupled with a solid football background, the women's football team has made rapid progress. On the other hand, UEFA followed the example of the men's football team and created the women's football UEFA Champions League, which allowed teams from different football associations to get more opportunities to play and communicate, and thus increased the attention of fans.

Today, the women's version of the top five European leagues It has flourished, the ratings and attendance are extremely impressive, and its attention and attraction to top players have surpassed the NWSL. For that, check out ESPN's 2022 list of the top 50 women's soccer players in the world last month.

In this list, 15 people are from the English league, 13 are from the French league, and 9 are from the Spanish league. In addition to the stars from England, France and Spain, they also include the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and other famous players, and even US international Lindsay Holland. The stars who play for the NWSL only occupy 7 seats on the list, and three of them are non-American players from Brazil, Canada and Wales.

It is clear that the focus of the world women's football Europe is tilted. In terms of professionalization, several major European leagues, especially the English and French leagues, have come from behind and surpassed the American leagues. However, although the popularity of NWSL has declined and the influence of "world number one" is no longer there, the level of competition in this event will definitely not be inferior to that of the European League.

2019 Women's World Cup, Team USA fourth The 23 players in the entire team came from the local league NWSL, which is enough to show the gold content of the American Women's Football League - only a high-level league can create so many high-level players.

And, benefit from the booming campus football Fire (there are 1.8 million registered women's soccer players in the United States, of which 1.5 million are on campus), a constant influx of talented local campus stars has poured into the NWSL, and quickly turned cocoons into butterflies in this high-level league. In this regard, the most recent and most typical example is Trinity, the daughter of NBA legend Rodman.

The 20-year-old Trinity joined the NWSL's Washington Spirit through the draft last year, and then played a superb performance, not only helped the team win the championship of the season, but also was elected as the best newcomer and the best lineup, and won the largest contract in the history of the league. In ESPN's list of the top 50 female football stars, Trinity is also on the list.

For more than two decades, the American Women's Soccer League A large number of stars have been cultivated, making the United States the country with the largest number and number of Miss World Soccer honors. Mia Hamm, Wambach, Lloyd and Rapinoe have been elected Miss World Soccer six times in total.

And from Trinity's experience Look, today's NWSL is still an excellent alchemy furnace, and its competitive level and star-making ability must not be underestimated. If Wang Shuang can successfully join Louisville Athletics, he will be able to compete with Trinity, Morgan, Mavis, and Fishroy. In the confrontation of famous players such as Grams, Sinclair, and Debinia, their level will definitely be improved enough. (Sit-ups/Yumpers)

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