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The 4-year contract expires and then renews? New Rockets Plan

Posting time:2022-10-05 22:35:55

The 4-year contract expires and then renews? New Rockets Plan

Over time, the Rockets' attitude toward Porter Jr. It has been transforming, or "getting better". After the end of last season, it was reported that Porter Jr. was willing to stay in the Rockets and continue to play, but within the Rockets, there were obviously "two opinions" in the face of Porter Jr.'s contract renewal. One opinion is that the Rockets should not keep Porter Jr., because Porter Jr.'s potential is just that, and there is no way to go further.

There is also a natural voice to keep Porter Jr. and renew his contract early this summer. So let's take a look at Porter's current contract. In the summer of 2019, Porter was selected by the Cavaliers with the 30th overall pick in the first round. He immediately signed a 4-year rookie contract with the Cavaliers. , last season's annual salary reached 2.03 million US dollars. If the Rockets do not renew Porter Jr. in advance, there will be one year left on his contract, which means that the Rockets can use Porter Jr. for another year and receive the "rookie bonus" of the final year.

But if you want to keep Porter Jr. for a long time and don’t want him to become a player who is “poached” by other teams after the contract expires like the Mavericks point guard Brunson, then the Rockets will The team should now consider a contract extension. But according to NBA reporter Michael Scotto, what the Rockets look at most is not the extension of Porter Jr., but the cap space next summer. The pursuit of big-name players is coming next summer, and the Rockets don't want to have no money or space to chase big-name players.

So Porter Jr. can only get a contract extension with an annual salary of no more than $8.5 million. Scotto also said the Rockets are unlikely to make a higher offer than $8.5 million when Porter Jr. enters restricted free agency next summer. What does it mean? We can understand that the Rockets do not necessarily have to renew the contract with Porter Jr. this summer. From the perspective of the Rockets, it may be considered to renew the contract of Porter Jr. after the contract is completed next season.

Although this plan faces a huge risk of Porter Jr. being "poached", the Rockets just want to take risks and want to "take a gamble" - Rafael Stone's bet is Next summer, no team will offer a big contract to Porter Jr. In this case, Porter Jr. can only negotiate a contract extension with the Rockets. In case a team offers a contract, if it is within the Rockets' psychological expectations, the Rockets have the right to match, and they can directly match Porter's new contract at the asking price, and they can also keep Porter.

But what if there are some teams that like Porter Jr., and offer an unacceptable contract to the Rockets to dig Porter Jr.? For the Rockets, it may not match this offer, and it is acceptable to let Porter leave the Rockets, although helpless. After all, Porter is not a star point guard. Losing Porter in vain is not a major loss.

If no team offers a big contract to Porter, then the Rockets even "win the bet" and can either match the offer or contact Porter and negotiate a renewal. Contract matters, not only can keep Little Porter, but also save a lot of money compared to renewing the contract this summer. So, is there a high probability that other teams will pay a high price to grab Porter Jr.? Obviously not big, which is why the Rockets are confident. With Porter Jr.'s ability and his fiery temper, it is estimated that not many teams are interested in him. In the end, Porter Jr. will most likely remain in the Rockets.

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