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Garuba is back home! Joined with the Spanish men's basketball team to prepare for 2 events, Shen Jing was one step ahead of him

Posting time:2022-10-05 22:23:41

Garuba is back home! Joined with the Spanish men's basketball team to prepare for 2 events, Shen Jing was one step ahead of him

A number of European players in the NBA have now returned to After a few days, there will be two important games to be played, one is the European qualifiers for the Men's Basketball World Cup at the end of August, and the other is the 2022 Basketball European Championships starting on September 1, such as Doncic. , Jokic, Sabonis and other stars will participate in these events.

The Rockets also have two young players from Europe who will also participate in these two important events for their national team. One player is the Rockets’ main center Alperon Shenjing next season. , and the other is Rockets backup power forward Usman Garuba. Unlike Shen Jing, Garuba did not prove himself in the Rockets last season. In addition to playing in the G League Vipers last season, he used one and a half months to recover from his injury.

It wasn't until the end of the season that Garuba recovered from his hand injury. Silas also gave Garuba some playing time, but compared to Shen Jing, Garuba played in 24 games. Regular season, and not much reference value. The same is true in the summer league. Originally, Garuba was the main center of the Rockets, but due to a sprained ankle, he missed another 5 summer league games. After joining the NBA, Garuba has been fighting with injuries. In the regular season of the season, will Garuba have so many injuries.

Although injuries are also part of the game, for the 20-year-old Garuba, too many injuries have completely affected his long-awaited NBA career. After all, Garuba's contract with the Rockets is only 4 years, and now he has wasted a season. In the next 3 years, Garuba is bound to grasp it well.

Shen Jing returned to China early to prepare for these two events. It is understood that in addition to training with the national team, Shen Jing is also training with Okur, the main center of the Jazz team. Okur, who has been retired for a long time, was also a member of the Turkish national team. Being able to train and fight under the guidance of Okur, Shen Jing did not find the wrong person.

Shen Jing joined the national team one step earlier than Garuba, who had just returned to Spain to join the national team. In a video, we saw Garuba who just got out of the airport. It seems that the Rockets big man is in a mess, but his mental state is not bad. In addition to returning to China, Garuba also took a "fixed makeup photo" of the Spanish national team, and a red Spanish national team jersey was very conspicuous.

Now the Spanish men’s basketball team is no longer the world-class powerhouse, whether it is the Big and Small Gasol brothers, or Calderon, Ibagaza or even the naturalized player Ibaka, they are basically Said goodbye to the national team. Garuba is also one of the few newcomers in the Spanish national team. Although in the European Championship and the World Qualifiers, Garuba will not necessarily be the main striker of the Spanish national team, but with his ability and quality, he entered the country. Team rotation should not be a problem.

I also hope that Garuba can use his performance to shine in the European arena. After all, the Rockets have been paying attention to Garuba. As long as he can play well in the national team game, I believe that in the He still has a place in the Rockets' lineup for the new season.

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