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Sitting on 4 center forwards! Rockets trade for Martin Jr. "The road narrows"? Expected or only 1 pick left

Posting time:2022-10-05 22:54:27

Sitting on 4 center forwards! Rockets trade for Martin Jr. "The road narrows"? Expected or only 1 pick left

Although not as good as Ge Den is popular in the trade market, but Rockets power forward Martin Jr. is still making some small waves in the trade market. We know that 21-year-old power forward Martin has considered himself "abandoned" by the Rockets since the moment the Rockets decided to pick power forward Jabari Smith and small forward Tarry Eason on draft night. .

Actually, it's not that Martin is too sensitive, but the current competitive situation of the Rockets is really unfavorable The development and growth of Martin Jr. You know, for the past two seasons, Martin Jr. has always been a favorite under Silas. Even in his rookie season, Martin Jr. has always been valued by the Rockets. First, he and Porter Jr. were sent to the G League for training, and Martin, who performed well, was recalled from the G League in the middle of the season.

This was especially true last season, when Martin Jr. got 79 appearances, which speaks volumes. In the absence of Smith and Ethan, even if Martin's performance fluctuates greatly, Silas has to reuse Martin, because there are not many good power forwards for the Rockets, and Martin is already one of the best. .

But it's different now. Rockets coach Silas has a lot of talent at power forwards and small forwards, with experience and shooting ability. Gordon, defensive star David Nwaba, and Tate, who has just renewed his 3-year contract, three-point shooter Matthews, and Ethan + Jabari Smith just said, don’t forget, there are also Rockets The team did not play worthy power forward Garuba last season.

Jr. Martin took the initiative to contact the Rockets management and asked to trade him. This approach can only show the helplessness of Jr. Martin—— He actually didn't want to leave the Rockets, but he knew that if he stayed in such a Rockets team, he would not be able to compete with young players such as Smith and Eason, so it was the best policy to leave. The Rockets have not rejected Martin's trade request, but there is no specific plan for the time being.

According to the latest news from NBA reporter Michael Scott, there are indeed some teams who are "interested in Martin Jr." ”, but it is purely limited to the range of interest, and there is no actual offer. What about the Rockets? Their idea is simple. The management wants to trade Martin for "two kinds of chips", one is the draft pick that everyone loves - this is what the Rockets have been fighting for.

Another chip is to trade Martin for a "backup center". But the problem is that the second transaction expectation seems to have been unrealized. Not long ago, the Rockets signed center Bruno Fernando with a training camp contract. If you count Shen Jing, Marjanovic, and Markis Chriss, there are at least four traditional centers in the Rockets' interior. If you count Garuba, Smith and even Ethan who can play as a center, the Rockets' center position is no less crowded than the striker.

Therefore, the plan to replace the center with Martin may have been in vain. The Rockets have too many centers, which directly narrowed the way to trade Martin.

The only way left is to trade Martin for draft picks. But this is harder than replacing a backup center. After all, draft picks are the treasures of each team. Unless there are better chips to get, it is unlikely that each team will use the precious lottery. Especially for role players like Martin Jr. who are "not up and down", it is even more unnecessary.

If possible, Martin Jr. may only have enough for one second-round pick, but the Rockets managed to get the second-round pick. The rookie Martin Jr. has cultivated into a high-quality rotation player, and now he is going to be sent away in exchange for an unexpected second-round pick. For the Rockets, it is a complete loss-making business.

Therefore, regardless of Martin's request for a trade, the Rockets did not refuse, and some teams expressed interest, but If the Rockets really want to complete the Martin Jr. transaction, it probably needs more time and more participants. For example, in a large transaction with multiple people and multiple teams, it is also a reasonable solution to catch Martin Jr. For the time being, Martin Jr. will remain in the Rockets, continue to wait for a trade, and prepare to start facing the front line competition next season.

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