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Western power rankings: Warriors Suns top 2, Lakers 9th! The Rockets are down 1, and the competition for the top spot is hanging?

Posting time:2022-11-29 02:51:44

Western power rankings: Warriors Suns top 2, Lakers 9th! The Rockets are down 1, and the competition for the top spot is hanging?

There are still nearly two months before the start of the new season preseason. During this time, the lineup of each team will not change much, but some potential trades may still occur. Especially since Durant has now publicly presented a showdown to the Nets management for the second time, and he asked the Nets to continue to trade himself, it seems that Durant really does not want to play in Brooklyn anymore.

In addition to Durant, stars such as Irving, Westbrook, Mitchell, etc., the goal is to switch teams and continue to play, especially Westbrook of the Lakers, who is now in the Lakers The team has become a "negative equity", and if the Lakers don't have a chip like a draft pick, Westbrook will be considered unattended in the league. In the latest issue of the NBA Power Rankings, Westbrook's owner, the Los Angeles Lakers, is also undervalued.

On this list, the Lakers, which did not have much action this summer, just introduced a few role players such as Thomas Bryant and Lonnie Walker, only ranked ninth, which is Said, in the eyes of experts, the Lakers next season is a team that will be able to touch the threshold of the playoffs. Ninth in the West also means that if the Lakers really rank ninth in the West in the regular season, they have to play in the playoffs.

With the Lakers' luxurious lineup and "Big Three" configuration, it is really sad that they have been reduced to the point of playing in the playoffs. It’s just that the new season will take a long time to come. The Lakers still have some opportunities to introduce players to strengthen. For example, the Lakers can trade perimeter players such as Irving, Gordon, Hield, etc. If the transaction is completed, the Lakers’ The strength ranking will definitely not be the 9th in the West.

Look at this complete list again. Last season's championship Golden State Warriors, and last season's Western Conference regular season No. 1 Phoenix Suns ranked in the top 2 and received Wall supplements. The Clippers, which have strengthened their lineup, are in third place. The Nuggets, which introduced players such as Pope, ranked 4th, while the Grizzlies, a young powerhouse led by Morant, ranked 5th, which seems to be a bit underestimated.

The Mavericks who got the Rockets star Wood ranked sixth. Although Wood is very useful, the loss of the main guard Brunson this summer has damaged the Mavericks. The Timberwolves, who brought in Gobert, were seventh, and the Pelicans were eighth. The Lakers and Blazers are ranked 9th and 10th, and it seems that the tickets for the playoffs qualifying games will be controlled by these two teams.

The bottom five are: Jazz, Kings, Thunder, Rockets and Spurs. What is more surprising is that the Houston Rockets, which have been at the bottom of the playoffs for two consecutive years, did not rank first from the bottom. The Spurs who lost many players, especially star guard Dejounte Murray, looked like iron. The heart is about to be smashed to the end.

In other words, it seems that the Rockets are finally on the slump tour in the new season, and they have encountered a tough opponent - the Spurs. For the French big man rookie Wenbanyama, the Spurs are on the bar with the Rockets this time. The Rockets' plan seems to be to continue to compete for the No. 1 pick, but the Spurs' goal is naturally to fight for Vinbanyama to start rebuilding. In this way, the Rockets' fight for the No. 1 pick is probably hanging. In addition to the record, the Rockets' next summer's Lucky draw is also very important.

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