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National team training camp, Shen Jing presents domineering dunks! Arms are getting thicker, and high-intensity training has achieved initial results

Posting time:2022-12-01 14:45:49

National team training camp, Shen Jing presents domineering dunks! Arms are getting thicker, and high-intensity training has achieved initial results

Before the NBA preseason and regular season of the new season, for everyone in For European players in the NBA, there are still two very important events - the World Cup qualifiers and the 2022 European Basketball Championship. Although these two competitions do not seem to be as high as the NBA, do not underestimate European basketball. You must know that although European players are not as strong as NBA players, their basic skills are very solid.

And European players are notorious for playing with their brains, from Divac, Nova King, Gasol, to now Jokic, Sabonis, Doncic, All of them are big cores with outstanding technology and clear-headedness. The technical and tactical level of European basketball is not inferior to the NBA league, which is why the NBA regular season MVP has always been a European player in the past three seasons (one year for Antetokounmpo and two consecutive games for Jokic).

Nowadays, a new generation of European players has grown up. The most representative new generation player is naturally the core center of the Turkish men's basketball team, Alperon Shenjing. The 20-year-old Shen Jing took only one year to occupy the position of the main center of the traditional Western powerhouse Houston Rockets. In order to make room for Shen Jing, the Rockets did not hesitate to send away their main center of the first two seasons, Wood.

In order to play for the country, Shen Jing returned to Turkey early, but there is still half a month before the World Cup preliminaries that start on the 25th of this month. During this time, Shen Jing also Training with teammates of the Turkish national team. We know that the Turkish center and young player Yurt Seven who played for the Heat has withdrawn from the Turkish men's basketball national team, so Shen Jing may become the main center of the national team in the next two important competitions.

Now we also see Shen Jing’s performance in the national team training camp from a set of pictures. In this group of photos, Shen Jing and his teammates practiced together. Not only did they have outdoor lap training, but Shen Jing also completed a beautiful dunk in the training confrontation, showing first-class inside dominance, quite a bit The taste of Rockets center Yao Ming.

The Rockets compared Shen Jing and Yao Ming last season. After all, they are both foreign centers and both have excellent inside skills. and footsteps. In this latest set of training photos, we are also pleasantly surprised to find that Shen Jing, who looked thin last season, seems to have become stronger in a few months. Especially the photo of Shen Jing dunking, it seems that his arms are much thicker than before.

From the various training photos posted by Shen Jing during the offseason, we can see that in addition to technical training, Shen Jing is mainly practicing strength. After all, he wants to stand firm in the NBA and has a strong confrontation ability. essential. In order to become the core center of the Rockets, in addition to outstanding skills and first-class awareness, Shen Jing must also be like Yao Ming back then, through high-intensity training to quickly and effectively improve his strength.

Judging from the training photos of the national team, Shen Jing's high-intensity training in recent months seems to have had a preliminary effect - at least from the perspective of appearance, Shen Jing is indeed stronger than last season.

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