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Step up your projection! Shen Jing followed "Yao Ming's nemesis" training, preparing for the World Preliminaries, the Rockets benefited from it

Posting time:2022-10-05 22:21:11

Step up your projection! Shen Jing followed "Yao Ming's nemesis" training, preparing for the World Preliminaries, the Rockets benefited from it

At the end of this month and the beginning of next month, the Rockets' main center Shen Jing will meet the Turkish men The national basketball team will play in two competitions together, first in the European qualifiers for the Men's Basketball World Cup at the end of August, and then will play for the national team in the 2022 European Basketball Championship starting on September 1. There is more news that the Heat's Turkish center Yutsevin has withdrawn from the national team, so Shen Jing is likely to become the main center of the Turkish national team - he has this ability.

Because of Wood's departure, the Rockets will leave the team's main center position to 20-year-old Shen Jing in the new season, although Shen Jing is unlikely to play in his first year as a starter. All-star performance, let alone lead the Rockets to go further, but Shen Jing's ability is obvious to all. Shen Jing averaged 9.6 points, 5.5 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game last season. Although he has Jokic-style passing skills, Shen Jing is too thin and not big enough, which is also his biggest weakness in defense.

In addition to strengthening her ability to fight against the basket, Shen Jing also understands where she needs to improve, that is, her shooting ability. Despite his top-notch inside passing skills, Shin Kyung is not a shooting center like his predecessor Wood. Shen Jing spent more time last season scoring points from low-post singles on the inside, swaying opponents' layups with his footsteps, and even "eat pie".

Look at the data. Last season, Shen Jing's shooting percentage was only 47.4%, and his three-point shooting percentage was as low as 24.8%. For a modern center, it is unqualified.

Therefore, strengthening the shooting ability, especially the long three-point shot, is already an imperative action for Shen Jing. Through the Turkish national team's game, Shen Jing also invited a "famous teacher", who was the Turkish center Memet Okur, who was known as "Yao Ming's nemesis" at that time.

Speaking of Okur, old fans of the Rockets will not be unfamiliar. The Rockets entered the playoffs twice, met the Jazz twice, and were blocked by the Jazz twice. In addition, in addition to the combination of Deron and Boozer, the performance of Turkey's tall outside shooter Okur is also the magic weapon for the Jazz to defeat the Rockets.

At that time, although Yao Ming was a super center in the NBA, but Yao Ming could not guard the perimeter, so Boozer, who had a first-class mid-range shooting ability, and Okur, a big shooter, took turns shooting from the mid-to-long range to contain them. Yao Ming, Yao Ming at that time was slow and couldn't prevent him at all. This is why Yao Ming is not afraid of Howard, but he has nothing to do with the Jazz's double inside.

Now that Okur has retired for many years, he still wants to do something for the Turkish national team. According to NBA reporter Brado, Shen Jing is training with Okur to prepare for the upcoming World Preliminaries. From the photos, we can also see that although Okur, who is 43 years old, is not very old, his beard is already gray, but Shin Kyung is still young, and he is with Okur like father and son.

Shen Jing can train with Okur and learn from it, which is a good thing for the Turkish national team, and for the Houston Rockets who are aiming to make a comeback, isn’t it a good thing? Shen Jing, who has improved his three-point shooting ability, will become more comprehensive. I also look forward to seeing the new Shen Jing who has a first-class passing level and improved shooting ability next season.

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