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Looking ahead, it's time to find a replacement for Ter Stegen

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Looking ahead, it's time to find a replacement for Ter Stegen

Looking ahead, yes Time to find a replacement for Ter Stegen

< span style="color: #191919; --tt-darkmode-color: #A3A3A3;">After Marc ter Stegen undergoes knee surgery in May 2021, it is hoped he can return to some world-class form . In 2021/22, however, the German's performance has seen a further dip in almost all respects.

Ter Stegen did not perform at all meet the club's expectations. With that in mind, changing goalkeepers is going to be important for a team that wants to contend for a title.


Where to start looking for players that fit the club’s style, La Masia is the right place.

If the club wants to save money and try a A low-risk alternative, then Peña is a great option.

For the 23-year-old goalkeeper , the lack of first-team appearances and the hype surrounding his name reflect the reality that he is not seen as a new talent.

However, Peña has the Goalkeeper qualities are required. He has the ball at his feet very solidly.

It is obvious that in Galatasaray and Atlético Barcelona's teammates have great confidence in his skills. He can take on an exit for passing the ball and a starting point for attacking.

After Neto leaves, Peña Could be a solid substitute, but based on his potential, it's hard to be the next Valdes or Reina. Mahip's career trajectory is more likely to become a template for Peña.

Robert Sanchez


Height is never the first choice for Barcelona goalkeepers, especially Er Stegen 189, Peña 184, these are good examples. Nonetheless, Brighton goalkeeper Sanchez, at 197, is the closest in size and height to a traditional goalkeeper.

Brighton were the Premier League last season One of the teams with the highest ball possession, and Sanchez played a big role in that.

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson is averaging every nine The starting goalkeeper who completed the most passes in ten minutes.

And Sanchez was also assigned by the coach this season Taking on more tasks, he often stepped out of the box and acted as another man in the back line. And break through opponents' defenses with impressive passes. This is very important for Barcelona. And Sanchez can also use his tall stature to become an absolute defensive force in the penalty area.

Among the 50 games played this season, Sanji has intercepted Chinese crosses the most in the Premier League (27) and has the highest success rate (13.4%).

His aggressiveness also makes Brighton Able to maintain tremendous pressure while in possession. According to Football Reference, Sanchez has been one of the best players in one-on-one situations among Premier League goalkeepers this season.

But Brighton is a smart club , won't settle for a lower price

Conclusion: Everything in his career so far reflects a A very well-rounded goalkeeper who has the potential to bring huge impact and technical excellence to the team for years to come.

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Mike Maine

A man who recently stepped out of his career The goalkeeper who took a big step was Milan's Meignan. Although the Frenchman is already a contender for the Champions League and the Serie A title, he could still be on the radar of Barca.

Like Sanchez, Maine has a comprehensive skills. As a replacement for Donnarumma, the Frenchman has been impressive in Italy, even without a ton of hype. He provides extra value to the paint with his stealing ability, and he's been outstanding the past two seasons. ,

Meignan and Sanchez's style Not quite the same, but still calm and capable. Pioli's system is another one that values ​​possession, and the French fit that style perfectly.

And his transfer now looks likely Sex is low and Milan is on the rise. There is the Champions League, there is also the possibility of domestic league competition, and Milan is doing very smart business, the most important thing is whether the player himself is willing to leave Italy for the third country of his career.

Conclusion< /strong>: A very well-rounded goalkeeper, perfect for the modern game, but in his career, the future of Barca It is difficult to do this in planning.

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David Raya

In the Premier League, another worthy The Spaniard option to watch is David Laia. Although he's not well known, Raya did become an excellent goalie with the Hornets.

The 26-year-old goalkeeper last season because of He has been sidelined for several months with a knee injury, but has been in good shape since returning in February.

Brentford is an average team Teams with less than 45% possession, but Raya completed 27.7 passes per 90 minutes, the fourth-highest among the Premier League's starting goalkeepers.

Raya's interception ability is also outstanding, Only two goalkeepers made more interceptions per 90 minutes in the Premier League last season than Raya.

This is Raya's 1st time in the top flight. One season, but Raya's performance in all aspects is very good. While he's not an exciting name, he's a good option if the club wants to get a good deal at a bargain price.

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Finally Thoughts

Despite going through All the ups and downs, Barca remains a club with huge player appeal. However, the top goalkeepers of the European superclubs - Alisson, Ederson, Neuer - appear to be content with their current situation and may never be at Camp Nou.

At the same time, lucky for Barcelona The thing is, there are some very talented young players who can also adapt to the club's style.

Sanchez, Maine and David watch Looks like three solid candidates, and Peña may just have a chance.

There are definitely other options. Former La Masia goalkeeper Andre Onana looked almost perfect not so long ago, but has joined Inter Milan after he ended a nine-month ban. The 22-year-old Frenchman Ilan Meslier has shown a bright spot, and he doesn't seem to be about to leave Leeds.

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